■The 10th International Brothers Grimm Award Commemorational Talk

【Children's Literature : Subject, Voice and Power】

The International Brothers Grimm Award is given to the contributor to children's literature internationally. The tenth winner is Dr. Maria Nikolajeva who has been a distinguished researcher on comparative children's literature, written numerous penetrating theoretical works on children's literature in the areas of the history of children's literature, fantasy and picture books. The Reasons for the presentation of the award is here

Lecturer: Dr. Maria Nikolajeva (Professor of Stockholm University)
Translator: Dr. Masami Tada
Date: 13:30 ~ 15:30, November 13th, 2005
Capacity: 150 (in order of application)  Charge: FREE
Place: Hall in the International Institute for Children's Literature Osaka
 PHONE : 06-6876-8800 Fax: 06-6876-8686 E-mail:
Application : tel, e-mail, fax, or at the counter of the institute

★Besides, on November 12th to 13th, the conference of Japan Society for Children Literature in English will be also held in the institute. To see the detail, please look at the web page,

Dr. Maria Nikolajeva Dr. Maria Nikolajeva
She was born in Russia, and has lived in Sweden since 1981. She is a professor at Department of Literature and History of Ideas, Stockholm University. She contributed toward the development of IRSCL as a president from 1993 to 97, and is introducing the statements of international study of children's literature in the journal of ChLA. Furthermore, she is acting outside Nordic countries as a coordinator of Nordic Network for Children's Literature Research, an international network.

Main works Main works: The Aesthetic Approach to Children's Literature: An Introduction (2005), The Rhetoric of Character in Children's Literature(2002), How Picturebooks Work (2001), From Mythic to Linear: Time in Children's Literature (2000)

Organizer: the Kinran Foundation, the International Institute for Children's Literature Osaka Foundation
Co-organizer: Japan Society for Children Literature in English